take your Business to

the next level

January 11th to 15th, 2024

take your Business to

the next level

What You Will Learn:

  1. Corporate personality training
  2. Identifying Your Ideal Client
  3. Mastering Consultations Tailored to Your Client’s Personality
  4. Wealth Planning and Overhead Management
  5. 1-on-1 Personalized Effective Social Media Strategies
  6. The Art of Rebranding
  7. Tania’s Exclusive $1500 Three-Hour Makeover
  8. Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders and Open Mic Sessions
  9. Business Restructuring & Monetization Model 

“You’re primarily taught the art of hairstyling, but you’re often sent into the world with little to no knowledge of how to run a successful business.”

about me:

Tania Crawford

Tania gained recognition as a prominent figure in the hair extension industry. As a first-generation immigrant, she migrated to the United States at the age of 21. In a short period of time, she achieved big milestones, including winning a Beacon award, earning a nomination for a North American hairstyling award (NAHA), and being published in numerous national and international magazines.
Her work can be seen across television, film, and print. This led her to be able to travel all over the United States for work, and clients -with all expenses paid of course.
During her 14 years behind the chair, Tania developed a unique business model that results in consistent multiple six-figure earnings.

Tania noticed a growing need for hairstylists wanting to be successful behind the chair. She realized the need for guidance on achieving an individual income of over $100,000 or more.

Tania observed that conventional styling education often falls short of providing comprehensive insights into generating multiple six figures while factoring in overhead costs and taxes. Everyone can generate six figures with simple strategies. Tania’s mission is to empower individuals to make $500,000 or more behind the chair as a sole proprietor.

“You’re primarily taught the art of hairstyling, but you’re often sent into the world with little to no knowledge on how to run a successful business and create multiple streams of income”

Simply because of the lack of information out there to make it in the hair world, Tania developed one-on-one coaching. Her coaching has a unique approach. Tania Crawford finds dream clients, creates multiple income streams, and lets her launch her transformative $100,000 and up mastermind retreat.

Do you want to
become a 500K+ Hairstylist?

Join me and take the first step towards becoming a multiple six-figure hairstylist. Your transformation begins here, surrounded by a group of professionals wanting the same thing as you. Your circle shapes your identity, and this extraordinary workshop is one-of-a-kind, designed to inspire you like never before.

Why Invest?

Unlock the path to becoming a $50,000 monthly earner and $500,000+ Stylist

At the retreat, you’re not just gaining insights from an expert in the field of hair extensions – you’re investing in a proven path to success. With a remarkable track record that has propelled her to multiple six-figure heights, Tania Crawford is the embodiment of excellence in the beauty industry.


What Client's Say?


What You'll Take Home:

  1. Personalized Rebranding and Social Media Game Plan
  2. Professional Headshots
  3. Confidence to Excel in Every Consultation
  4. New Skills
  5. Establishment of Boundaries
  6. Success Calculators for Profitability Behind the Chair
  7. Goodie Bags
  8. Extensive Knowledge from a Multiple Six-Figure Hairstylist in Hair Extensions
  9. Strategies for Balancing Family Life and Business
  10. Techniques for Setting Boundaries between Personal and Professional Life
  11. Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience
  12. Photography Skills Enhancement
  13. Access to a Supportive Community via a Lifetime Access Facebook Group


  • Destin, Florida
  • Beach Retreat House (Exact address will be provided closer to the event)
  • Lodging and accommodations are fully covered
  • Transportation to the venue is your responsibility; everything else is included

A Hairstylist Retreat 
Like No Other.

Ready to master the latest techniques in hair extensions and color? Join me at the 100k+ Stylist Retreat in beautiful Destin, Florida 2025, where you’ll learn from industry experts and expand your skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your craft to the next level. 

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